About Dan Diffee

Dan Diffee has thirty years experience as a special educator teacher, administrator and consultant, with a specialization in education of the deaf and hard of hearing. His experiences in this field include:

  • State Lead for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services with concentration in Communication Access & Assisted Technology
  • Director of Regional Day School Programs for the Deaf
  • Teacher of deaf students K - 12 in mainstream settings
  • Teacher of deaf students k - 8 in self-contained settings
  • Advisor to the Texas Board for the Evaluation of Interpreters (BEI)
  • Sign Language Interpreter in education and community settings
  • Adjunct Instructor of Interpreter Training
  • Sign language instructor in education and community settings

He has been the school district representative or an expert witness in several due process hearings, all of which were resolved in favor of the school district. He also has experience in responding to investigations conducted by the Office of Civil Rights.

Dan's work has focused primarily on students who are deaf or hard of hearing, but he has experience with all categories of disabilities.

His credentials include:

  • Bachelors Degree in Deaf Education from Texas Christian University
  • Masters Degree in Public School Administration from the University of North Texas.
  • Certification as a Teacher of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students, K - 12
  • Mid-Management Administrator, and
  • Sign Language Interpreter, Texas BEI Level III.

Dan has extensive experience in ensuring appropriate IEPs for students in all disability categories. He is able to meet short time lines for producing accurate, easily understood reports, and has provided professional development for teachers, interpreters, speech language pathologists, diagnosticians, administrators, and pre-service teachers.