Administrative Support Services Include

Short Team Administrative Support
For many school programs, a full-time assistant to the administrator is not warranted, however, occasions arise when short-term administrative assistance would allow the administrator to meet pressing needs without reducing the focus on the instructional program. With more than 14 years experience as a supervisor or director of special education programs Diffee Consulting can provide cost effective, short-term support as needed.

Such occasions may be:

  • Support while administrative positions are vacant
  • Peak IEP review season
  • Preparation for litigation or complaint resolution
  • Preparation of data submissions or other reports
  • Data collection for State Performance Plan
  • Creation or revision of continuous improvement or corrective action plans
  • Creation or revision of policy manuals or operating procedures

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Administrative Support During Complaint or Litigation Process
Responding to consumer complaints or litigation consumes a great deal of the administrator's time, and diverts attention from the instructional program. Diffee Consulting can perform many of the preliminary tasks in the complaint resolution process, allowing the administrator to continue to focus on the instructional program, and at a cost significantly less than if the district's legal counsel assumed the tasks. Services include:

  • Gathering documentation to respond to the complaint or litigation
  • Organizing documents and indexing relevant topics
  • Creation of database of personnel relevant to the complaint including:
    • Synopsis of service provided and dates of services
    • Relevant degrees, training and certification or personnel
    • Contact data for relevant staff, including summer contact info

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Mentoring of New Deaf Education Administrators
For experienced administrators who are new to deafness, Diffee Consulting can provide mentoring regarding:

  • Legal requirements for serving deaf and hard of hearing students
  • Eligibility and evaluation of deaf and hard of hearing students
  • Communication options for deaf and hard of hearing students
  • Provision of interpreting, transcription, speech therapy, etc for deaf and hard of hearing students
  • Instructional resources for deaf and hard of hearing students
  • Etc.

For experienced deaf educators who are new to administration, Diffee Consulting can provide mentoring regarding:

  • Funding and budget preparation
  • Personnel issues
  • Federal regulations and state law governing special eductionion Texas
  • The ARD/IEP process
  • Etc.

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AI Representative on ARD Committees
Texas state law requires that every ARD committee for students with Auditory Impairment have at least one member who is certified to teach deaf and hard of hearing students. As a certified teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing Diffee Consulting could fill this role when district AI Certified personnel are unavailable.

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