Program Improvement Services Include

Review of Communication Practices of a School or Program
Through classroom observations and interviews of personnel, Diffee can provide an overview of the effectiveness of communication methods used by staff including:

  • American Sign Language,
  • Manually Coded English,
  • Oral/Aural methodology,
  • Augmentive communication strategies,
  • Assistive listening devices,
  • Use of print,
  • Use of captioning or transcription

Recommendations will be made for improvement of communication methods.

Staff Development sessions can be provided in which staff develops or refines their communication philosophy.

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Creation or Revision of Program Guidelines and Operating Procedures
On-site assistance can be provided to district staff in developing or revising local documents.

Documents to be created or revised can include:

  • Program operating procedures
  • Interpreter handbooks
  • Shared Service Arrangement operating procedures
  • Program Improvement Plans
  • Corrective Action Plans
  • Grant or funding applications
  • Etc.

In order to save on travel expenses, documents can also be reviewed and edited using e-mail exchanges.

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Development of Systems to Meet Data Reporting Requirements of State Performance Plan Indicators
Diffee Consulting can assist district staff in developing internal systems for ensuring compliance with the following State Performance Plan Indicators:

  • Child Find
  • Early Transition
  • Secondary Individual Transition Planning
  • Post School Outcomes

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Development of Procedures to Implement New Early Transition Requirements with Early Childhood Intervention
Diffee Consulting can assist district staff to develop procedures to ensure compliance with new Early Childhood Intervention requirements for transition to IDEA Part B services (effective July 1, 2009).

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